Hi, I am Gerald.

I grew up in a small mountain village in the Austrian Alps – in a region, where modern Alpine skiing was invented.

But that is not the story here.

I am a journalist and an economist. Later in my life, I discovered the beauty of Arabic and became addicted. I have spent more than a decade in the Middle East and North Africa studying Arabic.

Spreading the joy of Arabic is the most gratifying and enjoyable work that I do.

I am the founder and author of Arabic for Nerds.

Gerald Drissner

I launched studyarabic.info to help address a problem among Arabic learners: where to find a good teacher.

I also felt that there was an abundance of quality educational Arabic content, but there was not much information about facilities for studying Arabic.

Many good teachers may not have a website or are not listed on paid sites. They will have a place here.

I wanted Arabic students, teachers, promoters to have a place to tell us about their experiences and offers.

Therefore, I created a directory for Arabic learning options. I count on readers who voluntarily send me their reports and information to upgrade and maintain the database.

I am not affiliated nor do I take money from the schools or teachers. It just offer them a place. Nothing else.