Arabia Experience Institute

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Way 7564, Building 8266, Apartment 51, Al Maabilah, Seeb, Muscat 121, Oman
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Arabia Experience Institute in Oman offers engaging classes in Omani Gulf Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic. We offer a full-time day program, afternoon private classes, and 4 week intensive modules throughout the year.

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Arabic, English
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15 days - 20 days
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Group lessons
Private lessons
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Beginner (A1), Upper beginner (A2), Intermediate (B1), Upper intermediate (B2), Advanced (C1)
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Teacher's own material
Gulf Arabic, Other
Omani dialect
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Religious courses
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Group lessons
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No - "I work there and don't want to say it. The price is negotiable."
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5 people - 20 people
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The full-time program consists of 4 semesters, 18 weeks each, taken over the course of 2 years. Classes meet five days a week for 20 hours each week. Each day students engage in the study of different topics in MSA and Colloquial Arabic. Students use their afternoons and evenings to practice language in the local community.

Private lessons
Did the person who added this entry mention the price? Why not?
No - "I am the teacher and don't want to say the price. It is negotiable."