Ayda Dudin-Imam

عائدة دودين
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Berlin, 10115, Germany
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I offer Arabic classes, but more for advanced learners, where it’s about understanding texts, analyzing them, understanding and working out contexts, illuminating cultural backgrounds and talking/discussing about them.

Some words about the teacher
I am Palestinian and have studied in Germany and have been living in Berlin since 1985. Arabic is my mother tongue, I speak and write it well. I practice German daily and have a very good command of it. In English, I am able to speak and write fluently. I love languages and work in the field of intercultural communication, where working with languages is an essential part of my work.
Communication possible?
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Arabic, English, German
How fast do you get an email reply?
1 days - 7 days
What are the lessons about?
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Group lessons
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Which levels are taught?
Upper intermediate (B2), Advanced (C1), Near native (C2)
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Teacher's own material
Palestinian Arabic
Extra courses
Media Arabic, Translation, Rhetoric (balagha)
Religious courses
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Money issues
Which methods of payment are accepted?
Group lessons
Did the person who added this entry mention the price? Why not?
No - "I work there and don't want to say it. The price is negotiable."
How big are the groups?
1 people - 10 people
Private lessons
Did the person who added this entry mention the price? Why not?
No - "I am the teacher and don't want to say the price. It is negotiable."