Qasid Arabic Institute

معهد قاصد
Contact Information
22 Queen Rania (University) Street, Amman, Amman Governorate 11196, Jordan
In a few words

Qasid is an Arabic Language Institute in Amman, Jordan that offers, among other things, classes in Modern Standard Arabic, Classical Arabic and Jordanian Colloquial. The institute also offers a number of cultural activities and trips in the region to engage students with the local culture and the Arabic language. Qasid receives students from all over the world including college students, young professionals, retirees, diplomats and others interested in improving their language skills. Instruction is in English and Arabic depending on the course level and content. Classes are small and teachers are highly motivated and ready to help and accommodate their students’ needs.

Communication possible?
The person/place understands...
How fast do you get an email reply?
1 days - 3 days
What are the lessons about?
Type of lesson
Group lessons
Private lessons
Which levels are taught?
Beginner (A1), Upper beginner (A2), Intermediate (B1), Upper intermediate (B2), Advanced (C1)
May students choose the book?
Teacher's own material, al-Kitaab (Brustad)
Jordanian Arabic
Extra courses
Media Arabic, Calligraphy, Rhetoric (balagha), Other
Arabic for Diplomats, Newspaper Reading, Grammar Intensive, Vocabulary of the Qur’an, Arabic Poetry
Religious courses
Quran reading (tajweed)
Good to know
Does the center help you to get a visa?
Do you get help finding a room?
How much is a room per month?
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Jordanian Dinar (JD)
Can students get European credit points (ECTS)?
Can students get US college credit?
Are only Muslim participants accepted?
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Does the school receive money from a state or organization?
Which methods of payment are accepted?
Credit Card, Other
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wire transfer
Group lessons
Did the person who added this entry mention the price? Why not?
No - "I was a student and can't remember."
How big are the groups?
1 people - 15 people
Private lessons
Did the person who added this entry mention the price? Why not?
No - "I was a student and can't remember."